The Conference's Scientific Committee:

Prof. Nizam Barakat/ Faculty of Arts / Yarmouk University Chairman
Dr. Fawwaz Ayoub Momani/ Director of Refugees, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center / Yarmouk University Co-Chairman
Prof. Henry Diab/ Lund University / Sweden Member
Prof. AbdelMajid Alshunnaq/ University of Jordan / Jordan Member
Prof. Mohammad Mahafthah/ The Hashemite University / Jordan Member
Dr. Dima Al-Rabadi/ Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences / Yarmouk University Member
Dr. Mohammad Fo’ad Al-Hawamda/ Chair of Department of the Curriculum and Instruction / Yarmouk University Member
Dr. Khalaf At-Tahat/ Dean Deputy of Faculty of Journalism and Media / Yarmouk University Member
Dr. Ahmad Zaqibh/ Faculty of Law / Yarmouk University Member
Dr. Nabil Otoom/ Al-Balqa Applied University / Jordan Member
Dr. Haidar Friehat/ Uskwa / Lebanon Member
Dr. Sara Al-Araysi/ Al-Zaitonah University / Jordan Member
Dr. Nabil Al-Obeidi/ Al-Kitab Al-Jamia College / Iraq Member
Dr. Mefleh Jarrah/ Faculty of Al-Sharee'a and Islamic Studies / Yarmouk University Member