The Issues of refugees and displaced people have been a global, a social and a humanitarian concern, proved to be a growing hazard threatening security, development and the global economic growth, especially the in the time of the so-called “The Arab Spring” which caused huge flows of refugees, economic and social consequences and demographic shifts which we are still witnessing their movement and change on many levels; either from inside the hosting communities, or on the Arab region or on the global levels.

The huge forced migration movements in the region have resulted in a momentum parallel to the demographic movements outside the region, toward Europe and the Western countries in general. This caused more security alarms, in addition to developmental benefits imposed by these alarms such as migration movements to the receptor countries especially the European Union countries.

Therefore, the relationship between the refugee movements and the security issues, human security and development have become a global commitment; it requires a collaboration and a coordination to set a global strategy for human security and the achieving the sustainable development, seeking the human dignity, beside establishing an advanced dialogue between the northern-receptor and the southern-dispatcher countries, in the aim of reducing the human-pain pressure off refugees and maintaining both refugees and receptor countries rights at the same time.

Because of the above comes the necessity of holding this conference in this very timing, for the sake of setting clear frameworks in establishing a dialogue between the countries dispatching refugees and the ones receipting them, and to emphasize on the global humanitarian obligations to reduce burdens imposed by the refugee movements, leading to sharing these burdens among these countries all together, and to increase the developmental and humanitarian opportunities that could result from these movements.